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Coaching Teams

Team Coaching goes much further than Team Building. Based on a systemic approach, Team Coaching allows the realization of patterns of underlying interactions in the team with the objective to break down non-efficient patterns and to develop and reinforce efficiency and cooperation. Internal or external changes, a new manager, diversity in the team, difficult situations and stress or simply the increase of cooperation and performance are themes for team coaching. We are at your disposal to discuss the most appropriate and successful solution in your environment.

Team Building – Team cohesion

During our Team Building sessions, the team will work on analyzing their maturity, their work processes, their common objectives, the tasks and roles of all team members, the communication and cooperation. The objective is to enable the team to learn and improve their cooperation in order to become more efficient. The team will be guided towards a superior phase of maturity. The sessions can be organized internally or externally and will be adapted to your specific environment and the team.

Conflict Management

Coaching conflicts is a particular form of coaching, aiming at facilitating the dismantling process in conflict situations. Conflict coaching is a learning process, during which each person involved is expected to take responsibility in order to find the common denominator to resolve the conflict. The workshops are built and prepared according to your situation in order to guarantee the learning process of the team and the dismantling of the conflict.

Decision making

The objective of this workshop is to improve the decision making process. The team will analyse their current decision making ability and the level of engagement. It will discover different methods to increase their efficiency in the process, confirm deep motivation of each member to guarantee everybody’s engagement.

Reflecting Team Intervision

Accompanied intervision is a method activating competencies and sharing experiences to create awareness, discover new perspectives and learn amongst peers.
Tailored to your environment and needs, you will define the methodology, the learning objectives and the number of sessions.
Our accompanied intervisions contain an introduction to the intervision method chosen and practical application on real cases. The participants learn and experience one or several different methods, they will be consequently able to implement autonomously.